Burton Rd brewing Co.

INdia pale aLE

Collaborating with design agency ReasonablyGood, a wrap-around can label for Burton Rd Brewing Co.

The IPA, the second style of beer realised by the brewery, following their Pale Ale.

Following the same concept as the previous Pale Ale label, a juxtaposition between the notion of relaxing pastimes and the industrious aesthetic of Manchester. Burton Rd Brewing Co asked if the label could include a subtle nod to covey the origins of the Indian Pale Ale.

The history being, that ale was first developed in England in the 18th century, it was favoured by exporters because of the IPA’s long lasting time, and could survive long voyages by sea to India.

To demonstrate that, the character waves good bye, as he sets off on his voyage accompanied with his keg of beer. Keeping within the industrious theme of Manchester, the character travels by canal.