dating in chester

A series of illustrations for Tortoise Magazine, supporting an article about the dating scene in Chester.

Written from the perspective of a male local comedian, his words based on his own personal dating experiences, setting a tone for the article that was flippant and at times, rather vulgar!

The main premise of the article being; tricking your date by pretending to be someone your not! Whilst through out the article he ‘jokingly’ depicts himself as quite a creepy character.

In response, I illustrated a guy who was pretending to to be wealthy. The article also featured several distasteful comments about the working-class, for example, ’’Are the Prices high? Perhaps, but you can’t put a price on keeping out the riffraff?’’ That sentence being the reason for the gentleman wearing the baseball cap outside the window.

This article clashed heavily with my own morals, and took the job as an opportunity to jest a little fun back.